"After over 30 years of medical practice, I am finding the Bowen Technique the most effective, hands on procedure, I've ever studied. I fully recommend this technique to all health practitioners.

- Dr Robert FlemmingMD.
Bowen Therapy
Bowen Therapy can provide relief for many types of injuries and health problems, both acute and chronic, and it does so holistically, via the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

The practitioner’s moves deliver signals to the nervous system at specific locations (on muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves), and the body responds in its own time.

Bowen Technique is appropriate for people of all ages, in all states of health. Rather than focusing on a single complaint, Bowen Technique addresses the entire body, by restoring balance via the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS controls over 80% of bodily functions and is very susceptible to external stresses.

Most people today live in a constant state of high stress and sympathetic ANS
over-stimulation (“fight, flight or freeze mode”). Healing can occur only after the ANS shifts from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance (“rest, relax and repair mode”). Bowen Technique enables that shift. Bowen Therapy can deliver some amazing results sometimes astonishing. Often I will ask someone how their long time shoulder pain is going, sometime after a session and they will reply; "What shoulder pain? I forgot about it". This is because, the body gradually releases the pain slowly and naturally, just the way nature intended it to happen.

Qualifications; Accredited Bowen Therapist, Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Attitude with Essence, Chakra healing, Kids Kinesiology, Certificate in Early Childhood Education, Nutrition, AD Diploma Graphic Design. 

Here are just some issues I have worked with in the past;
Frozen shoulder, Physical pain, Emotional stress and well being, Sports injury, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Feeling stuck, Neck pain, Back pain, Sciatica, Hip alignment, TMJ conditions, Stroke, Relaxation, Anxiety, Poor posture, Tension, Musculoskeletal pain and imbalances.​​

Learn about Bowen Therapy

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  5. Can Bowen Work help?
    03 Feb, 2019
    Can Bowen Work help?
    A question I get asked daily is, “can Bowen Therapy help my mother with ....?”, "can you help my friend and her husband with....?”, “my daughter suffers from..... can Bowen Therapy help?” My reply is almost always the same, even for the most obscure symptoms and conditions, it's definitely worth trying, as we as therapists know how fast to expect results in our clients.    Regular Bowen sessions assist you with better well-being. As the nervous system is the organising centre for all kinds
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